Sunday Walk & Roast at The Wheatsheaf Pub

On Sunday, as I had the day off from work, we decided to take a walk, with our friends around the area and explore the public footpaths around here.   Last winter with all that snow, we often took long walks in the cold and as a treat, the kids had hot chocolate with whipped cream.

There is a mapped path on the web, which we may try and follow one day when Maebh can walk further.  Next walk, we’ll head down behind the school towards Sustead & Felbrigg.  And we’re going to park over at Felbrigg and walk around their grounds, as it’s supposed to have some lovely walks.



Nils had been on the path with the kids a couple times while I worked, so he knew where he was going.  I didn’t know this but all the pheasants around the area are not wild, but are farmed.  There was feeding pots set up for them and a large run where I assume to enter at night.


Our original plan was to set off and walk to the Wheatsheaf Pub in West Beckham, but after we set out, it was quite clear that Maebh would never make the long walk, which she traveled a lot on Nils’ shoulders.  So we made the best of our walk, circled back home & then drove to the pub.

When we got there and walked in, all heads were on us. Many families were having their Sunday Roast without a bit of conversation, so not sure about everyone else, but I thought it was a great idea to take advantage of the dry weather and headed right outside to the picnic tables.  Glad we did as it was so nice and we enjoyed ourselves, though they could put in a small slide/swing to make it more family-friend.   As we were going to have our own homemade version of a roast that night, we opted for only a beer & some french fries chips and our friends got a true Sunday Roast, which I had to take a photo.



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