National Trust: Tracker Pack Fun at Sheringham Park

We took the kids to Sheringham Park, the place where I work.  We first had a quick lunch in the cafe and then set off on a nice long walk.


Before we headed out on the walk, we picked up two tracker packs for the kids at the Visitors Center. These are little fanny packs, which clip around your waist and are full with a set  of binoculars, bug hunting stuff, bird boxes, slinky and so much more to do when you are around the park.  In fact, I think there is way too much stuff in them.

So with the tracker packs on and full tummies, we headed out.  The binoculars alone are enough to keep the kids busy, but at the same time, were a bit of a hindrance as they had trouble walking as they wanted to look through them as they walk.
We took the blue route – which is the Repton Walk – 2.5 miles.  There were so many cows on the parklands with babies… I just had to get up close at one mama & her baby.  They had such personalities… the mom checked me out and then with her whole body she got between me and the baby and the nudged the baby off to the left away from me.

Down the main path, where I found the most delicious blackberries, but surprisingly I was also the only one who wanted to eat them.  Other families were on the other side of the fence, near the cows, picking buckets full to be made into a crumble.

After some gate climbing, we past the house, by the park lands up to the Temple where they played a bit and then through the woods.

One thing that I found in England and especially on National Trust land, is that there are some amazing trees here.  Most people just walk on by, but I love taking photos of trees! And what child can resist climbing a few, or better yet, going inside a hollow one?!

Between the two packs, there was only one slinky, so they had to take turns.  As you can imagine, it was is not always the easiest as slinkies are great fun & both wanted it.  Perhaps a stocking stuffer this year.  And if we take out the tracker packs again, we’ll be sure that we take out two with the same things.

I know that was a LOT of slinky photos, but I loved them all and wanted to keep them here for future viewing – so much fun was had by Soren.

A last stop in the Bower section for some bug hunting and playing with the environmental stick art before we left.
It was a great time and while I do work there, the kids love going and there is so many choices in terms of walks.  Next time we go as a family, I think we’ll take out the Geocaches, now that Rob gave me a one-on-one training, I’m confident I can find them with the devices guiding us.

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