School Photos

Last Thursday, a school photographer came to the kids’ school to take individual photos and those with siblings, had their photos taken together. All kids Reception & above are required to wear a school uniform and with nursery, it is encouraged. While we wait for the smaller size to arrive,  I dressed Maebh in one of Soren’s old sweatshirt specifically so they’d get the logos in the photo.

With the world of digital photography, the kids got their photo proofs that day!   Knowing how my kids’ photograph, knowing their “real smiles”, I don’t find any of these great enough to buy and you don’t see the logo!  In fact, you can only see the logo in a couple of shots.  So I’m not going to buy any of these photos. Plus they are SOOO expensive – like £40 just for a single photo!

If the weather is nice this weekend, I might take the kids out for a Autumn photoshoot with their sweatshirts. Not sure what the plans are yet with N’s work, but there are so many things I’d like to do around here.



This one is cute, but I would have liked to see the school logo.

Later in the year, they have class photos, which I think are cute but again, way too expensive!

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