Pictionary Night – Chalkboard Wall

I posted yesterday how much fun we were having with the chalkboard wall, but tonight was hilariously funny!  After dinner, the kids & Nils sat down while I drew something on the board and they had to guess it.

Within seconds, we were in stitches.. Nils drew a “dode vogel” which was the dead pigeon on the path to the kids’ school, which Maebh pointed out to & from school for a few days, when suddenly it was gone.  Then Maebh drew funny pictures, which you knew she had no idea what she was drawing, but had a lot of fun with it.  Soren was great, with his love of school things. He started off with the A & B board which his teacher uses each day to keep track of Year 1 & Year 2 kids.  He insisted we didn’t shout out the answers, but instead raised our hands.   Then he did a meat tenderizer!!

Nils then attempted to do a game of hangman, but with it set up like this  “_  _  _      _ _ _ _”.
I whispered to the kids and then at the time time they replied “BED TIME”!

I took a few photos of it with my iphone and took a video of each kid to just have this funny memory on record.

I can see many many nights of this in our future. In fact, at bed, when asked what they wanted to tomorrow, both said pictionary and hangman on the blackboard.  Rainy & short Winter days stuck inside won’t be so bad – let’s hope this fun doesn’t wear off too soon!

Nils makes my large chalkboard look rather small – or is just me?

Speaking of chalkboard and small – in looking through some old photos today, I found some of Soren & Maebh. He was the same age as Maebh now (3 years old) and Maebh was just under one.  While she didn’t crawl or scoot, she got around by rolling everywhere – not wanting to miss a bit!

Clever little guy took some chalk and drew some tracks and then drove his train down the tracks.

Tonight was a lot of fun!  When I logged into my Facebook account, a friend posted a photo & I thought it was so true, I just had to share it & put it here.  

Author: Stars Stripes and Mayonnaise

I am an American currently living in the Netherlands. I enjoy snapping photos and blogging along the way about our family’s journey as we moved from USA to the UK for a couple years then onto Ireland for three & half years and now in our next adventure in the Netherlands where the kids and are are learning Dutch. As you can probably tell by the name of the blog “Stars, Stripes & Mayonnaise” our family is half American & half Dutch and if you know one thing about the Dutch is that they LOVE their mayonnaise! I seen ’em do it man, they fuckin‘ drown ’em in it. When I started this blog way when it was to capturing memories of our family – essentially a journal of our family adventures, their love of mayonnaise, my love of photography, D.I.Y., crafting, sea glass hunting and exploring with our two amazing kids.

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