Fun with the DIY Chalkboard Wall

While I have not yet put the white, trimmed frame I envision around the chalkboard wall which I painted on the wall,  there has been no shortage of fun.

Last night, Soren and I played loads of games of  Tic-Tac-Toe – several times I could have beat him, but I kept trying to show him how to block the opponent yet try to win at the same time.  Nils said, he heard Soren teaching Maebh the same way. Showing her where to put her X or O to block him, yet still try and win.

Today he drew a really cool monster truck and John Deere tractor and was late for books upstairs as he had to put on some finishing touches on his pictures.  I don’t mind – creativity is good.

I think we can play a form of Pictionary with the kids this weekend.  I told Maebh that she can sit on the floor and I’ll draw something and she has to guess what it is.  She replies, “Yeah, What is it?”  Guess, my idea is a little premature!!

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