DIY: Chalkboard Wall

My DIY projects have really slowed down this week.  I worked, Saturday, Sunday & Monday so when I finally did have time, it really has been too wet to take out my primed tables from the shed and paint them. So, instead I’ve started on another DIY project only indoors.

Next project: Chalkboard Wall
I always wanted to paint a spot on the walls for the kids to have a chalkboard wall and just a quick
search on and you’ll find tons for inspiration like these few images.

The area across from the dining area which we’ll use for the kids, seemed like the perfect spot. Right now they have just clear boxes filled up with toys, but tomorrow, two bookshelves will arrive and be put in each of the corners.  And thankfully, our wardrobes, will be delivered.  I’m happy to say that I’ll finally be able to put some stuff away.

I picked up a good sized container today at Homebase and was excited to start.  The container was about 12 and I’m sure I’ll have left over paint. They had pink, blue & black so I opted for black as I think any other color would be too much for our space.
To start, I used some masking tape to outline the space which I am going to paint.  I don’t really know if they were 100% lined up as I don’t have a level but I’m hoping it was pretty straight.  If not, when I remove the tape, I’ll just do a little extra here & there to make it as perfect as possible.
Today I did one good coat and tomorrow when Maebh is at Nursery school again, I’ll do another good coat.  After doing some research online, I read before you start using chalk on it, you should first allow the painted area to cure for 3 days before using it as a chalkboard.  (Hope we can wait!)  Then, prior to initial use, rub the entire surface with a piece of white chalk.

The kids had funny reactions when I told them that black area was a chalkboard.   Pretty excited, I’d say!

As I’ll have left overs, I might actually do a small square in the kitchen to be used as a note board for shopping lists, or to do lists, etc.

Oh and I have to buy some chalk – but I also read there was something called dustless chalk – sounds perfect.

UPDATE:  3 coats have been put on and are now drying and will “cure” for the next 3 days.  Hope we can resist … (better just not have chalk in the house, so we can’t.)

I’m going to run to Homebase or B&Q one of these days to see about putting a crown moulding edge around it.  I like the look of a block on the top two corners and lined wood down each side a bit like this one which was used to frame a mirror.  I think it will give a clean, finished look.

Update: Took a trip to Homebase to pick up some paint for my tables and I got a great color.  Can’t wait to start that, hopefully today.  But they don’t have the type of moulding architrave which I’m looking for – only skinny strips of wood but you have to cut it yourself and then paint it, etc.  I think the best bet is to head to B&Q with my measurements and hope to get it there.

After putting in the bookshelves next to the wall, it NEEDS a frame asap.

UPDATE:  Sept 23, 2013 – a little before school chalkboard wall play and tonight before bed, Soren & I played Tic Tac Toe.

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