Soren – Back to School – Year One

Today was the first day of school for Soren.  Like many of the kids, he was eager to get his day started with his friends fresh with a hair trim. Up early, dressed & excited to start year One (1st grade back in the States).  Other kids, were all tears at drop off.  
Maebh also had a home visit from Miss Samuels & Sheila Ingles, the nursery teacher.  It was great to have them here to explain the process for Maebh and see her living situation, favorite toys, etc.  It was a nice home visit and they are just such great teachers.  Soren loved them last year in Reception and I know Maebh will too.   She’ll start the school year with 5 kids in Reception and 5 kids in Nursery.  In January a few more will start and again after Easter, a whopping 7 more will start so they’ll be 12 of them in all.  So more than double it was from the start but in reality such a low number when you consider area schools and crisis’s with too many students and no enough spots. 
I just returned from picking up Soren from his first day as a Year One student. He had a great day… told me about where he sat in the class, next to whom.  He also told me he got to see an Ox shoe as Mrs. Newstead took a trip to France and brought it back from a barn.

UPDATE:  September 12, 2013  Today after school, I had Soren do a little homework by reading his pages.  He was tired and really wanted to just watch TV and not have me tape him.  Ha!!  But I must say that he really impresses me with his reading skills at age 5 1/2!  I know, I know, gloating Mom!!

This was a perfect opportunity to use our chalkboard wall! 

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