Maebh – First Day of Nursery School

Today was Maebh’s first day at Nursery School at the same school Soren attends.  As she was with me for Soren’s drop off & pick up every day last year, she is naturally very familiar with the room, all the kids who are currently in Reception (last year’s Nursery group) and the teachers, she was very comfortable in saying goodbye and getting on with her day.

The kids in Nursery have the choice of leaving at 11:40 am or staying for lunch with a pick up of 12:15 pm.  It gives me more time to do my own thing & I know she’d love to eat lunch at school like a big girl.  She told me that she ate lunch with Soren today!  Love knowing that they’ll see each other.

I had the car today & took advantage of popping around at various shops for bits that I liked. I wanted to hit the grocery store, but the time got the best of me, so we’ll pop by the grocery store later after picking up Soren.

When I came to pick her up, she was all smiling.  Said she had a brilliant day but she didn’t want to take a “rest”.  I suspect she’ll fall asleep on the way to get Nils.

UPDATE:  Day two she had a fall on the ground  When Sheila went to help her, she said no no no and took off to be alone.  The other girls came to care for her and she rejected them too.  Poor little girl was looking for me or Soren.

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