The Blades Acrobatic Air Show & Beach Fun

Today the kids & I headed down to Cromer to watch the airshow put on by the very cool Blades Acrobatic Display Team.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a real airshow before… I vagely remember something about 15+ years ago when my nephew Seth was around Maebh’s age, but I don’t think it was an air show.  Anyway, you know what to expect.  A few planes, in this case four, flying through the sky doing cool tricks and formation with smoke.  While it looks simple, it’s crazy hard and they practice years & years to do this.

Each year the military group the Red Arrows demonstrate, but they had to pull out this year due to a military commitment of some sort.  They are supposed to be the best of the best and they are actually fighter jets and there is a woman pilot too!  So they replaced their one show with two – the Blades at noon and the Wildcats at 4 pm, which we didn’t see, but heard.

It was still cool & the photos show how great they were in doing it.  I took loads of photos of all directions, some better than others….


After the show, we had a trip down to the beach.  On the way down, we saw these two guys playing some music.  It was not that they were good, it was that they were very creative.  The drums were set up in a suitcase, which will clearly be the transport for them.  Clever guy.
The kids had loads of fun on the beach running, pretending they were the planes and per Soren, they had to “get in formation”.
Suddenly the RNLI Onshore Life Boat Team complete with tractor and men in full gear appeared, got in the water and took off.  I’m assuming it was a drill, but perhaps they were off to help a stranded fishing boat – which is what they are called out for most.

It was a really nice day, great weather and fun with friends.   When we got home, both kids were sugared up with the yummy piece of cake.

A few hours later, we headed back into the town center to watch the Parade. Those photos will come when I have more time – but it was a fun night too.

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