Pond Dipping @ Sheringham Park

Today the kids and I headed over to Sheringham Park, [the place where I work] to do some Pond Dipping in the Bower.  It is organized by the same staff who did the other events I have blogged about before: Animal Adventure AdventureA Shore ThingMagnificent Moths and Don’t Worry Bee Happy. I’m looking forward to signing up for the Little Acorns Group every other Wednesday come the Autumn.  It is really a fun, interactive nature class for active preschoolers & parent.  

They had little buckets set up with nets, spoons, magnifier glasses, along with a laminated sheet with photos and descriptions of all beings which live in the pond.   Each kid was given instructions on how to move the net around in a figure 8 to catch as much good stuff as they could. Once they dumped the net into the bucket and removed a lot of the weeds, they could do some investigating.  Between the three kids, they found some dragonfly nymphs, newts, tadpoles and pond snails galore. Once Soren thought he found a bi-valve, but it was actually a baby pond snail.  

I warned him several times to close his mouth – LOL – thankfully nothing dripped in.

Soren really really enjoyed it – he could have stayed there all day, looking at each item up close, especially the pond snails.  Maebh was asking to go to the cafe for a drink & cookie over & over again.  My mistake was that I didn’t bring her a drink & snacks and plunked her in her stroller when she was no longer interested.

Afterwards, we set up a picnic at the picnic tables near the car park.  After the kids played around a bit including races, and Maebh’s version of hide & seek “WHERE IS ME?”, we headed back in for an ice cream.

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