Homemade Bread – Our first time with the bread machine

After having the delicious bread my friend makes, I’ve been wanting to get one for our household and recently picked up a bread making machine for £10 from a local Facebook sale page.  I am certain the home made bread we make will taste so much better and cheaper than the stuff we buy at the grocery store and not filled with preservatives to make it last for days upon days.

Having never used it before, at the suggestion of my friend, I picked up two kinds of Allison flour and was ready to make some bread.  We also had some high hopes to make a zucchini bread in the oven, but after reading the recipe, realized we didn’t have all the stuff – so that is next up on our cooking sessions.

Soren was my helper – better yet, he did most of it. He loves to help cook and is a great helper.  He measured out the flour on the scale, measured the water and poured all items in the machine.  The best part of our machine is the window on the top so once on, we could see the ball of dough forming and moving around inside.  Thankfully we were heading out as he kept wondering if was ready but it would take 3 hours!

When we got home, we rushed to the kitchen to see our final masterpiece. BUT, while we were out, a fuse blew so the power in the kitchen and that side of the house was out.  So I’m sure that effected our bread. When we opened up the top the top, it was like it imploded.  So perhaps it was nearly done with the power stopped.

After cutting off that part, it was actually okay and yummy.  So I’d say our first attempt was a success.  We are looking forward to making some other yummy bread.

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