Amazona Zoo with Cousins

Today all the kids headed to the Amazona Zoo in Cromer for a couple hours.  It was much, much busier than ever before being the school holidays & tourists.  The weather was crappy along with tired kids, so we only lasted a few hours, but they had fun showing the kids their local zoo.

Soren said his “favorite pal from Holland was Vaughn.  But then said she was tied with Tobias as he really liked his cool jewels!”. Maebh said it riding the “skateboard” (ride-on buggy board) which she rode on for a while.  I’m sure it was a combination of baby Adrian and the riding pori

On the way there, we drove up Hall Road, there was this amazing gray horse near the edge, with the hall in the background.  It was so cool, creepy & beautiful all at the same time.

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