Summer School Fete

Today we attended the Gresham Village School School Fete, which was a Circus themed event.   There were prizes for the best dressed and I really hope that Noah/Fergus family won, as they were really amazing.

They had various stalls set up, food & drink for sale, face painting, games like hook a duck and pop the balloon, horticultural display, etc.  There was even one family who brought all the hula hoops, diabolos, stilts, juggling, etc and gave demonstrations & instruction. The kids were looking forward to the large bouncy castle but as there was a fight between the guy & a teacher, so that never came, and it was missed.

Our kids didn’t dress up, but Maebh wore her fancy butterfly wings.  So naturally when it came to face painting, she chose to be a pretty butterfly and Soren chose a simple snake.

It seems like only yesterday that our family was at the Holiday Fayre at Gresham Village School in early December. In looking at the photos, I have to smile as Soren had more of a baby face and was a lot more innocent before being around all the big kids at school (ha ha).  How quickly both kids changed in just the past 7 months. (I’ll save it for a different posting as I have so many thoughts about it.) 

It was there which we learned how to play the Tombola table and won the “oh so lovely” floral salt & pepper shakers, which I was planning on donating back to the school, but will now keep for sentimental reasons. And it was there where we won the giant Piglet for Maebh and nasty lemonade which we used to clean salt off the car windows when the washer fluid was empty and we were desperate on the road!!  I must say, our family is very lucky when it comes to raffles (or at least we appear to be very lucky) at these type of things.  At Bingo night, our family won a bottle of wine, six pack of beer, two books, a bag & another prize, and truthfully we were actually a bit embarrassed that our names were being called out so much, we gave Blake one of the books which Soren won.

Today it was a similar thing.  I bought 5 strips of the raffle and turns out that Nils bought 3 separately.  Stupid me, I didn’t take any time to actually look at the table to see what was there in the event that we did win, as I’m sure there were some prizes which were intentionally put under some things strategically by some people!!!  Sure enough, Soren’s name was one of the first to be called – and as he was in the far end of the field popping balloons, I tried to pick out something that he’d like but the pressure was on as others were coming to the table as their names were being called. So, a Flashing Diabalo it was.  Sure enough a few minutes later, we won again – so I got Maebh a ceramic Hello Kitty Mug.  And again, so a Princess Mug it was… and again, Nils got a bottle of Côtes du Rhône wine .,. and yes, AGAIN, but this time, Nils gave his winning ticket number to Logan, Billy & Mark’s daughter.  She picked out a brown scarf with elephants on it for her Mum, very sweet.

I actually volunteered to work the Tombola table for 1/2 hour.. it was fine, but was a bit of a cluster F.  I think I’ll volunteer to run the table next time and I’ll ensure that things were arranged in ascending order. Why would they not do that from the start is beyond me.  So much time was wasted looking back and forth for the number…meanwhile people were trying to get more tickets and find their prizes… what a mess.   Soren had a go and won a large, lollipop foam candy thing, which we put up on the shelf to join the Easter candy and some other treats which he has collected over the past months and the cotton candy from today.  I really wanted to the Crocodile towel hood thing and after a few tries, I nearly gave up. Then a group of young teenage boys were having their chance at winning some drinks or something, one guy one the prize I wanted. He was never going to be wearing that at the beach, so I asked if he’d be willing to switch prizes with me. He agreed, and took the tin piggy bank which I won for the cover up towel!!

Somewhere along the road, Maebh got a Christmas Penguin named Herbert.  They are eagerly waiting their Elf on the Shelf to arrive on Thanksgiving night (late November) so I thought I could come up with a story that “Herbert the Penguin” would also report back to Santa.  (same concept as Elf on a Shelf)… they thought it was great when I told them this & put it up on the shelf.

The Head, Mr. Goodliffe, organized some fun things.  He was in a pillory, while the kids paid 50 p for a chance to throw 3 soaking wet sponges at him.  Soren had a go and did a really great job getting him with all three!!

Later there were some running races for kids, spoon races where they carried eggs, hula hoop races, adult races for men & then women.  I knew Nils couldn’t run it with his bad knee, but it reminded me of the one July 4th where he ran a race and slipped and skidded this entire knees open.  Finally which I thought was the best ever to watch was the tug-o-war.  First it was adults, then Key Stage 2 kids and then finally he told the little ones mainly reception & Year 1 they could have a turn, so it was cute, he was on one side and then the kids were on the other.

I didn’t quite read the flyer too well with the Horticultural aspect of the show as it would have been fun to enter. I took a few photos, but will really look more closely next year. There were Lego displays, vegetable & fruit displays, floral arrangements, arts & craft categories, cakes on display, shadow boxes and so much more.  Next year, we’ll very much be doing some of these things. Plus, Soren wants to join the Garden Club & Cooking Club in the Fall, both things he’ll really enjoy doing.

Oh and I can’t forget, sugar, sugar & more sugar!!  When they won hook a duck – boom out comes candy. I think a pencil, rubber ball, raisins, a whistle, a bucket & spade for the big prize or even a balloon is a better prize than more sugary candy!!   They had ice pop, cotton candy, elephant cookies, etc.  No wonder he said he had a belly ache on the way home from the fete.  At least they ate there dinner before heading to bed – both in Soren’s room for the second night of the Slumber Party.  Maebh sleeps on the top and Soren in the bottom in his tent area.  They really love sleeping together, so cute!

It was a great day and we all had fun!

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