Evening Beach BBQ

Our family along with friends took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a lovely evening BBQ at the beach!  Back in Boston you are not allowed to have alcohol nor fires at the beach, so we’re totally taking advantage of this!!

First to dig some holes to keep the fire/BBQs out of the wind.

We brought a disposable one, but G&T have this homemade version which essentially is a deep pan, with an oven rack – great idea so we’ll do the same once I get the pieces. Though next time, I’ll bring along our new windscreen from the car boot sale, once I make a bag to carry it.

The kids spent time in & out of the water – it was a lovely day.  We’ll do it again, but arrive a bit earlier and set up a camp fire to keep warm. Oh and we’ll make S;mores, American-style.


Drinking flamingo blood!




I didn’t bring my good camera, rather my Fuji underwater one, so the shots are not the best, but still it was nice to capture some of it on film.  A bonus though is that this camera has a video feature, so I have posted one of them here too.


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