Seaside Family Adventure

We took a walk into Cromer so the kids could play games & rides.  We along the Cromer Pier, ate some french fries and ice cream to finish off the fun.

If you walk along the pier and stop to see how many crabs people have in their buckets, they often stop what they are doing – pose with their crabs, show your their bait and tell you how they crab fish.  They have no clue that we are now “local” but it’s fun to see them show of their excitement.

Note the crab leg unattached.  I thought at first the little boy pulled it off, but it belongs to the guy fishing (his bait). 

Originally Maebh wanted to ride in the Barbie buggy down at the funfair on the promenade.  Yes, the one with the ticket booth which is normally occupied by one of the three babies.  Today there was no baby, but there was a sign in the window “STAFF WANTED”.  I meant to take a photo, but I didn’t get around to it and then forgot.

The kids said they wanted to try out the paddle boats up in the Everton Lawn.  Maebh wanted to do the “big girl ones” like Jessie and her mom did during the Cromer Crab & Lobster festival, but as Soren wanted to do the hand paddle boat, she agreed and they did them together.

This darker colored house with all the details is my favorite house in Cromer.  I’d LOVE to live in that house!!  Nils seems to think it is a bunch of flats, but I’ve seen a couple of them listed for sale and they are three or four floor townhouses.  They remind me of a house you’d see in the Back Bay of Boston.

They were so cute starting off.  But Maebh lasted for less than 10 minutes and asked to get out.  So instead of figuring out how to get her back to the launch area, I just pulled her out and let the boat float away.  Nils was nice enough to get it and carried it back on his head.   Soren stayed on for a good 20 minutes or so, while Maebh did some bouncing on the large trampolines.   I can see how fun a giant one in your yard would be so much fun for kids.

The kids & I enjoyed a yummy ice cream before we headed home. 

Later that afternoon, we all headed to Gunthorpe for a yummy BBQ.

Author: Stars Stripes and Mayonnaise

I am an American currently living in the Netherlands. I enjoy snapping photos and blogging along the way about our family’s journey as we moved from USA to the UK for a couple years then onto Ireland for three & half years and now in our next adventure in the Netherlands where the kids and are are learning Dutch. As you can probably tell by the name of the blog “Stars, Stripes & Mayonnaise” our family is half American & half Dutch and if you know one thing about the Dutch is that they LOVE their mayonnaise! I seen ’em do it man, they fuckin‘ drown ’em in it. When I started this blog way when it was to capturing memories of our family – essentially a journal of our family adventures, their love of mayonnaise, my love of photography, D.I.Y., crafting, sea glass hunting and exploring with our two amazing kids.

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