Car Book Finds: Wet Suits & Nice Canvas Backpack

Before Nils left for work, I popped over to the Overstrand Car Boot Sale which starts at 8 to see if I could find anything good.  I am trying to find backyard stuff, hula hoops and any other bits which I think are good deals – but I always try to spend less than £5 total!  As usual, there were some of the same people selling  here which you find at Cromer Car Boot like the guy with the records and cheap kids clothes, the guy with the bikes and strimmers and the super tanned grandmother who sells all the old shoes of her grand kids for £5. (I’ve been eyeing a pair of Lelli Kellys in used but good condition.  As Maebh won’t fit them for a few years, I’ve held out but they normally go for like £60, so a good deal to store away.)  I planned to walk over there today with Maebh, but as Soren has a bit of a wet cough and dirty nose, we decided to keep him home, though no fever.  He’s definitely going to school tomorrow.

I came across two older ladies selling stuff from their grandchildren and there I spotted two wet suits and a nice canvas bag from the brand Head.  Figuring she’d ask like £5 each for the wet suits but when she replied £1,  I grabbed them.  At that price, I was not going to pass them up.  My thought was even if they were not the right size, which I was pretty sure they’d be fine, I could resell them when I do a car boot or give them to kids of friends.

When I got them home, they tried them on and pretended to be surfing… “like the guys near the Cromer Pier.”   Both kids are now asking for boogie boards and they know which store I could find them.  We’ll add them to the list of things they’d like to have – perhaps I can find them at a car boot for £1?! 🙂  Maybe I’m beginning to be a little obsessed with the Car Boots – but I love them! Ha!!

This weekend forecast is great – loads of sun so we’ll be heading to the beach!!  With the beach in mind, I really need to find a pair of ladies size 5 water shoes, as I HATE walking on rocks at the beach.  While it doesn’t bother Nils, I find it incredibly painful and can’t do it again.  

I also picked up two chocolate cupcakes from the lady who sells scones and sausage rolls – they were a bit hit!

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