Backyard Water Play

It doesn’t take too much to entertain our kids! A simple garden hose coupled with some mud, courtesy of those dam mole holes, is great fun!  BUT two hoses would be better – as each of them wants to spray when the other one has it and it can turn into some screaming matches.  Perhaps there is a device that splits it.

When a parachute comes over the house, it adds to the fun!


At Blake’s birthday party yesterday, a mom brought a sprinkler called a Crazy Daisy -which hooks on the end of the house and sprays water around – the kids loved it!  She picked it up at a festival for 5 and so I’m going to look for one too. It would be great for warm days in the back yard.

I try to be sure they are not in their best clothes when playing in the mud but today was different – I didn’t get to Maebh in time to remove her pretty summer dress & pink leggings.  Nils gave Soren his t-shirt… and it looked rather cute with his hat on backward and his wellies.

The kids took turns around the garden watering plants, flower sand trees.  Then they got the idea to spray the mole hills and turn them into giant mud piles to play with.  Once he realized that with enough water, you’ll see a hole develop where the mole burrowed.  Hopefully, the little guy was out of there, as we have about 20 holes in the garden – let’s hope there are not 20 moles too.  Maebh is a huge fan of jumping in mud and then having Soren rinse it off her.








For a while, Maebh was content with singing & dancing around the garden … she must get into dance soon!






I did some searching online and I’m 99% sure if they are moles.  It goes on to say that these critters like to be hidden and undisturbed; disturb them – so we let the kids continue…   I don’t want to use chemicals and I just read that there is a device called a SOLAR POWERED MOLE REPELLENT which sends annoying vibrations  – they cannot tolerate that constant underground vibration.  I’m not sure it’s silent like the plugin mice repellents, but I’m thinking this may just be our solution but I think we might need two due to the size of the yard.

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