DATH: Dubs At The Hall – Volkswagen Festival Holt, Norfolk, UK

When we arrived in late September, I read about DART – Dubs at the Hall, a Volkswagen Festival the nearby Holt Hall.  I marked in on our calendar as a must do and yesterday we did it and it was a lot of fun.

Last year there was enormous amounts of rainfall, so they had to cancel the event – but this year, they couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! Not a cloud in the sky, very warm but dry.


Two women on stilts dressed as mermaids walked around and then later they were flowers.  Very cool – I wanted to have Nils stand next to them to see how tall he was but never happened.  But Soren did get in a high five!







When we arrived, there was a BMX show going on and they did some amazing tricks.  The guy who was the ‘presenter’ was from Northern Ireland, along with one other – a 17 year old who did the flip.  The other guys, who were there, were all from Essex.





Next up was face painting.  When we got there they asked us to wear these bright yellow vests which had a sign on the back, telling those who come after us that they are taking a break.  Funny how many don’t even read the sign – as if the kids and I were workers who had to wear these bright vest.

It was free, so they had a lot of interest. So as an effort to keep the line moving, they asked for you to pick a design from the nine options.  Maebh chose a butterfly, Soren a VW Bus on one cheek and VW logo on the other. I’ve never had it done before, I asked for something too – so per Maebh, I got Butterfly Ears.











We walked over to the music tent to see what was going on and to get an idea as to when the Yow Yows would be playing.  To our surprised, they were up next, after Matchbox something – so we put down our blanket half sun & half shade and had our picnic and ice creams.  We watched the Yow Yows, then moved along.  The headlining band P45, a ska band also from Essex was playing at 9:00 pm – Sooo wanted to see them, but not this time. Perhaps if they tour around we can catch them another time. They are a bit like the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, Boston’s original Ska band.

They had a bull riding set up – which we thought Maebh wanted to go on, so Nils paid then she started crying when she was brought to the entrance. Tuns out she wanted to just bounce on the plastic part – refund please!  This guy did it, but didn’t stay on for more than 10 seconds.


There were all sorts of people there & this guy was shared his ice cream with his parrot. I think the parrot was called Terry – which is artfully displayed on his chest.

Soren tried Rock Climbing again.  While he was several inches shorter than the minimum height restriction, as he has done it before, the guy let him go.  He struggled, but was determined to do it and did a great job.  The wall was challenging & very hot!

As the evenings “theme” was a beach party, they put out some inflatable things – which the kids were all playing with.  And Soren brought over the red parrot and looked at my frozen pina colada pouch and said they were the same.  The rules were only alcohol purchased inside the main area was allowed so I keep it sort of hidden in the box.  Glad I did, it was refreshing and yummy!













They had a kids area called Little Dubbers with a bouncy castle, slide, face painting, arts & crafts and a person who was selling items, but you were allowed to play with the diablos, fun feet, as well as, hula hoops & more stuff.  Oh and there was some bird & reptile people but they were so unfriendly, chain smoking cigarettes and their birds looked terrible – so we completely avoided them.

Soren loved the diablo and had a quick lesson – a fun toy to buy.  I tried it and did well until I tried a trick and it handed on top of Soren’s head which hurt! 😦  Maebh is crazy about hula hoops – I’m on the hunt for those at the car boot sales – Soren even had a great time spinning the smaller ones.












We wandered around a bit and checked out all the amazing VWs.  I especially love the turquoise & orange buses, but I think both kids loved the Comic Bug.




































Next year, maybe we can  camp for the entire weekend.   If you go with enough people, you can really get a large space.  I think you get 6 meters x 6 meters each, so we’ll have a great set up – like these people. 

Speaking of tents – this VW one is very fun & would be fun to camp in out in our garden.  The kids would love it!

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