Two More Buntings & Cromer Car Boot Sale

I made two buntings today!  While they are nice – I’m just getting so sick of the same fabrics.  Really need to get some new ones soon!

These next photos do not do this bunting any justices as it is really nice in person.  It would look great in a Conservatory or house with lighter color pallet.

Many of my other buntings can be found on Facebook or on my existing bunting collection.

Today we popped over to the Cromer Car boot to see if there were any good finds.  My favorite old couple who sell all those 30 p things were not there, but most of the same folks with the same stuff.  So we picked up only two things.

This little wheel barrow for the kids with three garden tools. She was asking 3.50 and we walked around the entire sale up and down each row and Maebh kept asking about the wheel barrow… finally we walked back to see if it was still there & it was.  So Nils offered 3 and she accepted.  The kids love digging up the mole holds which are suddenly ALL OVER our back garden.

We picked up a box of donut peaches which came highly recommended by my Mother-In-Law.  The apple corer pops out the pit and it looks like a donut. I’ve had about 4 already today, so yummy!

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