Summer Memory Jar: A collection of fun family memories over the Summer!

I saw this on Facebook & think it’s a great idea to do with the kids. Probably all over Pinterest too.

To keep Soren attentive to listening and giving others a turn to talk, we often go around the table and share our happiest moment of today – so this could be a fun adaptation.   Perhaps we’ll have four on one day and one on another – but we’ll figure it out as we go, but will put the name of the person’s memory to help.

In addition to keeping them in a jar, I’ll post them here on this blog post to keep the memories longer, as I’m sure we’ll toss out the paper and recycle the jar!

June 26: Hepzaba – Seeing Maebh thoroughly enjoy herself today at Sheringham Park’s Acorns Group.  She held an interesting beetle, learned about various moths & played so well with her friend.  A million photos will soon be posted – taking a lot longer than I thought.

June 27:  Maebh: “Painting my piggies pink like Moms!” [Painted her toes like mine, and she loved it!]

June 28:  Soren: “Movie night with the whole family!”  We watched Madasgar 3 – loads of laughs.
June 29:  Soren: “Taking the bus home from the town center!” 
June 30: Soren: “Beach day with the whole family, but wished there were games & rides too.” He loves things which involve the “whole family”.

July 1:  Hepzaba:  Maebh said the funniest thing to me today.  Whilst playing with a spring, she came to me and said and I quote: “Mum, I wish I was a spring and you could bounce me up and down.” When I told her that was so funny, she got a sour puss face and told me it was not funny!

July 2: Maebh: “I love my oranje wheel barrow Mum.  We need to get one for Soren.”

July 3: Soren: “The zip line at Bewilderwood…”  [Sat up in bed & drew a blueprint of the entire park & 10 minutes later still describing in detail his adventure – very sweet.}

Yeah this is not working so well!  Clearly the jar is a better idea!  I think I’ll get the jar out asap and at dinner, we’ll write the memory.  I’ll be sure to put the dates on the back – then perhaps I will come back and type out them to keep the memories forever.  

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