Beach Day with Soren & Maebh (and then some friends)

Soren, along with all the kids in North Norfolk, had Thursday off of school due to the Royal Norfolk Show in Norwich.  It would have cost me £53 on admission alone – forget it!  Instead, I took the kids to the beach for the day. We packed up all our beach stuff, a picnic and headed down to Cromer to go on a ride, have lunch, picnic lunch and play on the beach just to the right of the pier, just like the beach day Maebh & I had recently.

We knew high tide was at about 10 am so when we arrived, the water was still a bit high.  But it was very rough seas, despite it being a beautiful sunny, cloud-free day.

The lifeguards have a conditions board and it says if anyone wanted to swim in the water, that should first check with them to ensure you were a good swimmer.   They also had two different flags on the beach today.  I knew that the Red & Yellow flag meant that this area was patrolled by lifeguards, and that is why I always set up in an area under patrol.  I knew the kids would never go swimming as they do not know how. Plus I knew Soren wouldn’t go in the water beyond his knees, but I like to have that peace of  mind that they are in view of the life guards.  There was also a Black &White Chequered flag which I didn’t know what it mean – it turns out it meant that it is a patrolled area too but for us of surfboards and kayaks but NOT a swimming in that area for obvious reasons.

There were tons of surfers too.  I could watch them for a long time… and you get this sense of yelling great job, when one catches a wave and stays on for longer than 2 seconds.   Some were taking a beating like the one with the red board.

We took a walk on the Cromer Pier to first see if anyone was crabbing and found a place to have our lunch. On the pier they have two wind areas with beaches, so we ate our lunch there out of the wind.  
Then we went down to the beach to play.  The kids brought a bunch of their plastic toys and their new watering can & castle buckets, which we picked up at a car boot sale.  So they spent at lot of time carrying pails of water up, digging, seeing the forms from the plastic shapes.  Here is the airplane. 

We were joined by friends Debbie, Leon and Jessie too.  Leon is in Soren’s class at GVS & Jessie, who also attends school with them, but is crazy about Maebh and naturally Maebh is crazy about her. It was so sweet, she made Maebh a friendship bracelet from yarn.  She wore it for a bit, but asked for it to be taken off – but we’ll hang it in her room.

Then the next hour or so was spent with running from the incoming water.  Soren & Leon digging holes, filling them with water, loads of wave jumping and playing in the foam.  There was tons of foam on the beach – not sure what it was exactly, Jessie asked the guard.  Turns out due to the heavy surf, the water mixed with sand churns up all this foam.  They thought it was funny to put their hands in it, etc.  But one time, Soren must not have seen the wave coming as he ran to me completely covered in foam screaming & crying.  I wiped it off and took a photo, as it was funny.

After the afternoon at the beach, the six of us decided to pack it up and walk up and have a ride at the fun fair on the promenade.  Funniest part was when we arrived, Maebh said “there is no baby in the window!” Can’t believe that she now also knows about the various babies in the window!!    The boys decided that they wanted to go in the Bouncy Castle and so for some reason Maebh and Jessie also wanted to go inside too.  Clearly an accident waiting to happen.  First casualty Soren – some how he banged and came crying… then Jessie ….

Finally the ride was done and we were going to have an ice cream, but it started to rain a bit.  So we thought we’d head up the ramp to the Regency as it had indoor seating – turns out that it is under construction and will soon be a new restaurant – owned partly by Galton Blackiston, who owns the Morstan Hall, a Michelin star restaurant.  I’d LOVE to eat there one day!! When I got home I saw that there was a write up in the local paper today about it.  It said it will be called No. 1 – a fish & chip restaurant which will serve affordable and serve all produce locally sourced,  open year round, etc. etc.  I look forward to it!!

The kids ended up getting an ice cream from the shop on the corner and then we walked up through the streets and sat on a bench in front of the Hotel de Paris!  Poor Soren was chatting and laughing and the scoop of chocolate ice cream fell on the floor – he didn’t know it,and when we went to take a bite, it was on the floor.  Suddenly loads of tears!   I didn’t have any more cash so he was a sport about it and just ate the cone.

It was a great beach day & I look forward to doing it again soon – perhaps this weekend!!

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