Beach Day With Maebh

Today’s weather was so nice, so Maebh and I decided to skip the weekly, indoor, playgroup and head to the beach.   Instead of walking to the nearby beach up behind our house, we popped around the town centre a bit and then headed to the beach right near the Cromer Pier.

It was great because the tide was going out.  Plus I like that area as it is near the Rocket Cafe, so easy access to toilets, the view of the Cromer Pier and has RNLI life guards on duty.  Plus today there was about a dozen people taking lessons from the Surf School, so that was fun to watch.

There is a web cam pointing in that area, so perhaps on day my parents can see us, if the camera is pointed right and we were in the water.  They did see the RNLI Lifeboat in the ocean last week.

We first had a small picnic and then Maebh had an idea to make a bunch of sandcastles and then smash them with her feed.  After her feet and hands were all sandy, she wanted to rinse them in the water but didn’t actually wanted to get into the water, so had to settle for the foam, which she found so fun.

We headed up to the Pier to see if there were any crabs caught and to grab an ice cream.  But as the ice cream stand at the start of the pier didn’t actually have sprinkles, we opted to wait.  We watched the big white boat [Davis fisherman’s boat ?] be pulled in.

She then took a ride on the bus at the beach side Fun Fair.  And yes, sure enough in the window sat a baby.  I’m 100% sure it was not the same baby as the last two times, but I do know it’s the guy’s daughter as I saw him and his wife/girlfriend (who works next door at the snack bar) in the gas station last week and that was the child in the stroller.    When Soren saw the photos, he first said “I don’t want you to go to the fun fair or Helter Skeler without me. Is the baby sitting in the window?  That is so so bad. Then who sells you the tickets, the baby!?”

On the way home, we popped in some charity shops to see if there was any neat fabrics or finds.  We found a large plastic bag full of plastic beach sand molds like a plane, boat, etc- so we got that for 1 pound.

Then I popped into the African school shop to have another look at the Royal Air Force duvet cover set I saw last time.  Soren mentioned how much he liked these fighter jets we’ve seen around the skies here in North Norfolk.  We love them, but you can see others are so used to them, they never even look up to see them.  Anyway, when I took it off the hanger to have a peek, the person who worked there spotted a small discoloring on one side and said she’d just give it to me for FREE. She said she couldn’t sell it and it would only fetch 30 pence in reclaim – whatever that means.  So I got home, washed it and the spot is still there, BUT it’s on the bottom so it’s not seen and I’m happy to have received it for FREE!

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