BBQ Party In the Garden

Yesterday we had some friends come over with the intent of having a BBQ, but with the weather so back and forth, one minute sunny, then next half hour pouring rain, we opted to not buy a BBQ and cook indoors.  I even made my yummy Buffalo Chicken dip & I think it was well-liked!

I’m going to be buying a charcoal BBQ soon, just hoping to score a cheap deal on a used one first otherwise, I’ll probably buy the square Weber type one I see at Morrisons for 20.   I’ve always had the traditional massive American Style gas ones with the various levels, burner on the side (which for some reason always breaks)… so now I’m going to try the charcoal way. I’m sure it will taste better when you add some rosemary to the fire but it will certainly take longer to cook.

Billie, Mark, Logan & Blake (Soren’s #1 Pal) came over along with Godelieve, Tom & Harvey (Maebh’s #1 Pal)!

I received a gift of some white beers & they all sang happy birthday to me, which was sweet.

All the kids had fun.  They played with dirt, trucks and mud. Then they all decided to put water & leaves in the bird bath… Maebh really liked that part!  Tractor rides & head stands on the couch along with some hugs & kisses.  They brought toys inside and played indoors – they had a great time & was never a dull moment.

It was a great time & I look forward to many more BBQs in the garden this summer.  Only we have to get with it & get some garden furniture, a grill & a fire pit to make it an official American style BBQ!

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