Overstrand Car Boot Sale

While I really wanted to visit the auction – I knew that was a bad idea – too far in gas, time & my budget.  Instead Maebh and I popped over to the Overstrand Car Boot sale which is located at the Cricket Field. I had about £6 in change in my wallet, as we were going to visit the playground at the YESU in Sheringham and stay for lunch but decided to skip it.  I knew I was not going to get much, but wanted to see what it was like as it was our first time there.

Happily it was not the same exact people which you’ll find at the Cromer Car Boot week in & week out… so I welcomed something new.  I did see the couple with the really large, Great Dane/Lab mix – I see them every single time I go to the White Horse Pub.  Big fan of that place, especially sitting outside in the sun with a cold beer while the kids play on the play structure.  We still want to try out their kitchen too.

The few times we’ve hit the Cromer Car Boot Sale on Tuesdays, Maebh sees an Iggle Piggle & Upsy Daisy stuffed toy set, which I won’t buy her as it’s like £4 and so not worth it. In fact, it was still there last week.  But  today she spotted Upsy Daisy for 50 pence, so I got it for her.  We washed it & popped it in the dryer so it’s as good as new and her favorite thing,  She’s carrying it with her all over the house as we speak.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about – think the Telly Tubbies of 2000’s.  Here is a video, so you can get an idea of who/what exactly is Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Ninky Nonk & Pinky Ponk – Night Garden.

WARNING: Watch for a minute only and without kids around, as they love it. 

As Soren’s blue shovel was broken at a recent trip to the beach, we have planned on getting him a replacement.  So I did that with this one for only 20 pence, as a new one is nearly £2, which I was about to get on our next trip to the beach.

I picked up a Dora The Explorer duvet cover & pillow case for £1.50.  I was going to use it as fabric for some buntings, but Maebh really liked it and so fine, we’ll have it on her bed instead.  After we washed it, she helped me put it on her bed and even hopped in (with Upsy Daisy) but jumped out quickly when I suggested she just stay there & take a nap!   She thinks she’s napping on the school run at 3, but I’m keeping her awake and putting her to bed early.  I really want to watch Big Brother UK alone as I have not been able to watch all week & I need to chat with my friend Jenn about it! Ha ha, if you read this Jenn but you may be on the way to Canada for the summer!

For 50p, I pick up this Spiderman Fleece – not the prettiest edition, but loads of life left & I know how much Soren would like it.

Finally I picked up these two pairs of shoes for Soren. They are both a bit big (he is about an 11 now) one pair is 12 and the other 13 – but are hardly worn with plenty of life left…  I thought for only £1 each, yes, one POUND each, I’ll get them  Start Rite is the UK version of Stride Rite and these Tek Trek boots will be perfect come next fall/winter.

No matter what I do, these shoes come upside in the photo.  I’ve done everything right, can’t figure it out!!

So surprisingly, I picked up quite a few bits for next to nothing… £4.70 – less than a cost of a bottle of wine!

Author: Stars Stripes and Mayonnaise

I am an American currently living in the Netherlands. I enjoy snapping photos and blogging along the way about our family’s journey as we moved from USA to the UK for a couple years then onto Ireland for three & half years and now in our next adventure in the Netherlands where the kids and are are learning Dutch. As you can probably tell by the name of the blog “Stars, Stripes & Mayonnaise” our family is half American & half Dutch and if you know one thing about the Dutch is that they LOVE their mayonnaise! I seen ’em do it man, they fuckin‘ drown ’em in it. When I started this blog way when it was to capturing memories of our family – essentially a journal of our family adventures, their love of mayonnaise, my love of photography, D.I.Y., crafting, sea glass hunting and exploring with our two amazing kids.

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