New Buntings – Pillow Cases

Today I picked up a pair of pink flowered pillow cases for 50 pence at the Cromer Car Boot Sale and I whipped up these two flag buntings today with the hopes to add them to my existing collection of buntings I made.  I still have a pillow case left, so I might even made a matching throw pillow or keep it to mix in with another pattern when I get some more fabrics and push pins to hang properly.  I think this pattern could be cute with a pink gingham plaid or stripped combination.

The bias used was 99P and a satin type fabric – not the best quality but was the only thing the Wool Shop in Cromer had in the color pink.  As it was only 25mm width, I had to first iron it out flat and then re-fold in 1/2 so the edges are a bit rough. When I hung them with tape to take a photo, a bit frayed on the back when I pulled off the tape, so I will not add this to my collection “to be sold quality”, rather keep it and hang in the garden or Maebh’s room, playroom, etc.

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