Another DIY Project: A New Dresser

I’ve already posted about my auction adventures and car boot sales. is the UK equivalent to and I’m always on it searching for neat items.  There are tons of “Free & For Sale Community Groups” on Facebook in my area, as well as, good old – so I’m on all of them and always looking for the next deal.  Unfortunately, I’m not always first as some people cleverly have iPhone apps to notify them when there are deals posted, so often I’m not first.  Anyway, I have had some luck lately & have been able to pick up some things for FREE!

I honestly find it fun to look for things I want/like for dirt cheap or FREE.  There is a saying: “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” and I couldn’t agree more.  Plus I like to think of it as REUSING and RECYCLING and keeping these unwanted goods out of landfills. 

I recently picked up a solid pine coffee table (FREE), which is exactly the color of my nesting tables which were my first pick up at the auction – blonde pine wood. (No offense to those who like that wood, but to me it is simply just B.O.R.I.N.G!!).  For now they are being used in the living room, but are on my list of DIY things, which I will eventually get around to doing.  While I prefer dark wood, I’m going to be painting these pieces bright colors – I’ve yet to decide if they’ll be Duck Egg Blues or Lime Green, Yellow or something else even more fun like Purple or Hot Pink…

After much research the key to a good repaint is to start with a good primer and to do it right and slowly!  I did some looking online at Screwfix and and today visited Homebase today to see what they offer for primer and colors… but their selection is not great.  I did some research and learned that Zinsser is the best. Their sales guy, didn’t catch his name was helpful but suggested I try a competitor as that is where he got his Zinnser 1-2-3 or BIN or another one of their many types which are supposed to stick to all surfaces and skips the dreaded sanding task!  Oh and the funny part was at the end of our conversation, he said to me, I’m having trouble placing your accent.  I then proceeded to say that I’m American and then he said – oh I thought you might have been from another place in Europe or perhaps Canada.   Last week a women in the sewing shop asked if I was Dutch… perhaps my accent is so morphed that I’m from several places… fine with me. … but what I find most funny is that people don’t want to offend by asking if I’m an American first and often put Canada first…are we Americans so bad – 😉

The same lady who had the pine coffee table, turned out to have some other items including this retro 1970’s Schreiber dressing table for FREE. She is clearing out her Father In-Laws place, not sure if he died or what, but she’s giving nearly all his stuff away… so I grabbed this.  I’d like to have got a few other of the larger cabinets, but we don’t have a way to get them.  This is when I wish we had a people carrier but I’d then be complaining about how it is a gas guzzler.

Anyway, again this is not my style but I know with some proper primer, I will be able to paint it a fun color and change up the pulls to something more fun.  For now, I’m using it as is in Soren’s room, but it will be towards the top of my DIY projects, I plan to start real soon!


I’ll end this post with that I’ve turned into my mother = a lover of thrift stores and now car boots, auctions & the Internet!  But I don’t mind as it’s FUN to me!

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