Sheringham Beach – Late Afternoon Play

Much like yesterday’s late afternoon beach play, we did it again today, but this time we headed over to Sheringham, to the same section of beach where Maebh did, “It’s A Shore Thing”.

While it looks like there was no one there, we did see people here & there, but it’s just so big and open, so we had an entire square area all to ourselves.  About 5 areas down, was the life guard patrolled beach, completely empty.  The weather was fine, not cold, and only occasionally sunny, so it was perfect for us!

While we could have just gone to any beach nearby, we had to find a dry cleaner to drop off Nils’ suit prior to his trip and there is not one in Cromer!?  So we headed to the one we used before and made a small trip out of it for the kids.  Of course, it closed at 4:30 pm, so weren’t successful with that!

Right where we were about to walk down the Esplenade, there was an ice cream truck sitting there, just staring at our kids. The same kids, who remember every single ice cream they ever had from a truck.  Honestly, Maebh said today, “Remember when we got the Dora the Explorer and Bat Man Ice Creams from that ice cream truck in America!” and then Soren chimed in with “oh yeah, his eyes were hard!”  While it was only August, it just seems so long ago to remember the ice creams. And yes, of course, I was there with my photo camera 🙂 !!  

So if you are even questioning what we did – well, we all got popsicles and ate them down at the beach before they played in the water.  As usual, the kids did a bit of sharing, but Maebh liked her orange one better.  When Soren went to give hers back, she says he tossed it, he said she didn’t get it, either way, it dropped and landed on the sand, so naturally she freaked out.

Soren ran down, then up and down again this mountain of rocks, pretending it was a wavy, roller coaster.  Thankfully he didn’t fall, but it was an accident waiting to happen.
I attempted to draw a crab (a poor, sad one) with the idea that the kids would fill it in with rocks, but they didn’t want to do it.

They preferred to play around in sand for a bit digging, despite not replacing Soren’s broken shovel yet.  Then minutes later, they were into a larger pools of water which they call “Muddy Puddles, just like Peppa & George”.

The illusion is that he’s about to hit her in the face, but he is not.

While we didn’t have a visit from a cute seal, it was a fun, short trip to the beach.

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