Cromer Beach – Late Afternoon Play

Tonight we popped over to the Cromer Beach for an hour before dinner, as low tide was at 3:12 pm.  This time we went over to the area West of the Pier to see if there were any rock pools where the kids could mess about.   For the first time, we parked in the West Runton Road parking area and walked down to the beach this way… the ramps felt like they were going on forever.









There were different types of beach huts down this end of the beach and a little shop, Sarah’s, which has drinks, ice cream, beach toys, etc – very convenient.




While it was not the perfect area for rock pooling today, the kids brought their shovels and started to dig for treasures and play around in the sand and water.  Unfortunately Soren’s blue shovel broke (when Nils tried to dig with it). When we replace that, we’ll also get them smaller bucks to make sandcastles – as their crab buckets are not good for that – they are huge and they can’t even carry them when filled with sand.  Perfect items to pick up at car boot sales for dirt cheap!











As we were there messing around with the water, Nils spotted a seal who was watching us.  He kept on watching, popping up and looking to see what we were doing on the beach.   I couldn’t get a really close photo of him, but I think you can see him here.




As I never get in the photos, today Nils took a few photos of me and Maebh – which included her making silly faces.





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