Sheringham, Norfolk, UK: Classic Car Show

This time last year, we took a trip down to Cape Cod for Father’s Day Weekend and we visited a car show then.   I just thought back to that trip and it was a lot of fun… a simple no-frills but dirt cheap trip…      Just a month before that trip, we also visited Cape Cod for Mother’s Day Weekend.  So glad I have all these photos and journal our days – it helps to remember all these great trips and amazing to see the kids grow.  But, after looking at those two posts, I am totally homesick right now and wish I was in New England right now for the summer – it’s really someplace great to be!

Coincidentally, today we popped over to Sheringham to check out the classic car show which was going on in the town center.  Over 400 cars were on display.  Of course, I don’t know much about cars nor do I pretend to but it’s clear, Nils knows sooo much.  Also, he, Soren & I all totally differ in car tastes.

I personally \like the MGs (which I keep calling GBs for some reason – perhaps as we live in Great Britain?) and a few other smaller, convertible cars especially Karman Ghia types and of course, VW buses. But at the same time, I feel like they are “look at me cars” and I hate that.  Like why I refused to drive the black Aston Martin from Cohasset back to Beverly last year – I’d hate all the attention.  People driving up to you at red lights to see who is driving it and how much it costs!





incredibly plain inside


Cool camper – but I can’t believe you’d sleep up there… even me, being somewhat short!!

Soren likes these crazy 3 wheel cars and was a good sport about getting his photo taken with the cars.  But his favorite today, hands-down was apparently the widest car in its time, a Jaguar with the TRAY TABLES in the back.  Such a funny boy, he saw it and said, “look I can eat my lunch which is left over in my school bag on the way home”.  He talks so much with his friend Blake, he never finishes his lunch and often eats it on the way home from school or when we walk in the door.





Incredibly ugly car!!




Nils was crazy about a black Citroen and some jaguars.

I won’t even attempt to write the names of the cars – but I will let the photos do all the speaking.

We stopped over at The Ice Cream Shoppe, owned by my friend’s mum.  While I had my own, I enjoyed the kids as they kept asking me to lick it in a circle to keep it from melting!

We thought it might be fun to drive over to Thornham to see if we can check out the giant Yokohama fender which washed ashore.  Turns out it is used for ship-to-ship transfers and owned by a Dutch company.  They are making plans to refloat it and return it to the ship it came off from recently.

But as it was getting late on a Sunday, we decided to just head to Wells-Next-The-Sea, so the kids could play at the Pirate Ship Playground for a bit before heading home for dinner & get ready for the week.  When we were there, the kids were pointing out Sammy The Stilt and the other characters and things spotted from the Clay The Cromer Crab – Hunt for Black Shuck book # 2 in the series, we recently got.  I’m so impressed by Soren’s reading comprehension – after only one time, he knew things like the Brown Hair Battalion and Leiscester The Labrador.

The Albatross –  The Dutch Pannekoeken Schip is back!!

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