National Trust: Sheringham Park & Kikkervis

This evening, as the weather was really nice, we headed over to Sheringham Park for an hour or so to see if the “kikkervis” have turned into frogs yet.  Nope, while there is not as many as in our last visit, there were tons of little one still with a few getting larger!  One day, I expect to see a kid in the pond, as they come oh so close.




I took some photos of the amazing flowers all over the park, but I don’t know the names and history, etc.  The park’s Head Gardner, offers a guided walk every Tuesday at 2 pm  – could be nice to do.















In addition to the flowers, the park also has some pretty cool trees.  If you look at them for a while, you start to see things – like the first one here, resemble elephant legs.







Soren found a dead creature – which I think looks like a mole – he kept saying it was sleeping, even after I kept saying, no he’s dead.


The kids had fun with stick art for a bit, before we walked the “red trail” for a bit before heading home.





Happy we now have a parking sticker, as I want to take Maebh there for a walk & picnic next week, if the weather is nice.   Perhaps we can find some friends to join us too.


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