Cromer Car Boot Sale Finds

Today Maebh and I took a walk down to the weekly Car Boot Sale in Cromer near the hospital.  We thought’d we just poke around and see what we could find for cheap!

The same old couple who always buys loads of boxes of sundries from the James Beck Auctions was there & nearly all their items are priced at 30 pence.  Most of it was nothing for me, but I found a few bits which I thought were good.

A second wooden mug holder for my jewelry- 30 pence. Will need to paint it to be similar to this one.

Heavy glass cheese tray – 30 pence!

A set of blue & white small flowered bowls – all 6 for only £1

and a small Staffordshire Blue & White pattern which I love for 30 pence. I’m hoping to start to collect pieces.  I see them often at Car Boots & Charity Shops for next to nothing.  Depending on the print, they are also called Blue Willow, Copeland Spode China & a few others.

An old lady was selling a bunch of houseware stuff like pyrex bowls, but they were priced way too high for me.  I did, however, pick up these two blue and a green glass vases one for 50 pence each.

I got a few pieces of solid, good strong quality fabric for my pillow projects.  Maebh got a butterfly for the garden and an orange spinning flower for £1.

Our hope is that the flower spinning will keep the pigeons out of the yard – and so far so good.  But I think we might need a couple more….

UPDATE:  Piece of junk – blew off several times and pigeons simply just walk around it spinning!! LOL

Finally a mum, I recognized from around town was selling a bunch of things and I picked up a curling iron and a nice, professional quality flat iron for £1.00 each!

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