Amazona Zoo with Soren II

Today the kids and I headed back to the Amazona Zoo for the day.   Being  the end of the Half Term week and good weather, it was still busy.  Looking forward to it returning to the normal, quite zoo, where often times there is only a dozen guests in the zoo.

As with Soren’s first visit this week, we had a nice time where the kids ran around looking at the animals and playing in the playground.  Then we met up with our friends Godelieve and Harvey for a bit.  As always, as soon as Maebh spots “her boy”, she goes running towards him for hugs and the same with Harvey, he loves to cuddle to he is often giving both kids hugs.

And here they are on top of the picnic table!!  During dinner, Soren told me he had fun on the picnic table with Harvey, but he knew it was not really allowed, so he got off just in time before the zookeeper came and saw him.

For whatever reason, I took a lot of photos of birds & water fowl today.  The first set were a two ducks. At first, they were squawking and sizing each other up, then they started flapping wings and fighting before they both took off.  No idea what they were fighting over, but I’m assuming it was over territories, babies, or perhaps jealousy with the mallard, though they mate for life, I understand.

This duck had her foot up in the back – maybe injured or normal – not sure.

A few weeks ago there were tons of little babies around, but now this was the only set of babies we saw.  I asked where all the babies were from before and the zookeeper told me that many of them get picked off.  If we were only 20 seconds sooner, we’d have see them go through the fence.

The next set of bird photos are of the white birds near the otters.  I never really gave them a second look, but today I got to see how beautiful they really are.  They were also have some fighting and they’d do this loop around the enclosure with their wings open and take over the spot where another bird was just sitting.

This next bird is called a Red-Legged Seriema, but I call it “Crazy Bird” . He is pretty cute to photograph and looks like he is winking at me.

Can’t pass up a chance to see a lovely owl.

And finally how the large owl sees the kids.

As we have the season passes, we’ve become regulars!  A few more sessions and I could probably give the same speech as the guys who feed the otters, spider monkeys and jaguars do.  Though while the speech gets old and I barely listen, we still like seeing them feed and today saw all three feeds starting with the American River Otters.  Part of the speech includes, ” …they bite of the head to keep the animal from escaping……”

The next scheduled feed was the Spider Monkeys.  Their speech includes, “This one here it called Itz. She got her name as when she first came to us, we didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl, so we’d say Itz a boy, no Itz a girl…” 

Finally the last feed of the day we saw was the Jaguar.  Today he had a rabbit, which was hung up on a rope.  The zookeeper said, he would not be as active as he normally would, as he ate chicken in the am.

The kids enjoyed the playground too.

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