Clay The Cromer Crab: Author visit at school

During the Cromer Crab & Lobster Festival, Soren and Maebh “met” a giant Crab character outside the Cromer Museum.  Maebh didn’t want to go near it, but Soren had his photo taken with it – he’s good like that.  Being my kids, they are used to photo taken ALL THE TIME! 😉 

Anyway, we had no idea then, but it was the lead character in a series of three books is called “Clay the Cromer Crab“.   

Book 1: Clay the Cromer Crab and the search for the Lost Seal Pup.

Book 2: Clay the Cromer Crab and the hunt for Black Shuck.

Book 3: Clay the Cromer Crab and the Invasion of the Jellyfish.



I thought it would be really fun to reach out to both the Author and Illustrator to see if they were ever in Cromer, would they be willing to come by our school for a visit.  Well, much to my surprise, the author, Salena Dawson, replied.  She is an attorney outside of Norwich and agreed to come visit!  She’ll even bring “Clay the Cromer Crab” costume.

As Saturday, June 8th is WORLD OCEAN DAY, I thought it would be really cool to try and do it around that day Friday, June 7th.While normally authors charge a larger fee, but for schools the fee is only £30 which is to cover to cost of travel (petrol). She will also bring some books with them so if anyone wanted to purchase it and have them signed, they could do it at the cost of £4 for book one and £5 for book two or £5 for book three.  I will definitely get a book signed for the kids – they’d find it really cool.
The head agreed it would be a great idea so in keeping with World Ocean Day, she will do a creative workshop based around the creation of characters based on an ocean theme, read a story, etc.

Oh and unless I can find a volunteer at the school, I will be dressing up as “Clay the Cromer Crab” for the session.

Photos and more details to follow.

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