James Beck Auction – Fakenham

Tomorrow is the action again in Fakenham and the photos have been published. While there is nothing that I feel I MUST HAVE, but there are certainly a bunch of things which I’d gladly bid a couple pounds with the hopes of scoring.  Temping…..

I think this is a nice desk – which I’d sand, paint & update the knobs.

Can’t really see the camera on the left, but the one in the front is a NIKON SD600 – a step above my camera.  Someone might score it for under 50 providing it is in great condition, that would be the steal of the year – well apart from Soren’s Stompa cabin bed at 5 pounds!!

While I’m not crazy about these lawn chairs – they’d be fine for lounging in the yard.  But what I really like are the three beautiful pots in the background.

We really could use this coat holder – but I’d also paint it.

The dog! Just kidding – perhaps the bikes?

Nice dressing table for Soren’s room – color matches his bed nicely.  I have a feeling this one will go for quite some money!

Not that I need it, but a nice table for the dining area.  Will probably go for 20, if that.  Not that I’m an auction expert, but I often find tables and chairs like these are not that popular as most people already have them.  The ones who tend to buy them are used furniture dealers who will put in their showrooms.

Lovely sideboard – would sand, paint and update knobs.

Crock pot – could be handy.  Had one in the US and made chili and stews in the Winter.

How fun would a nice telescope be for Soren?

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