Caravan & VW Camper Van Pillow Cushions: Beehind The Seam

I took advantage of the day at home today and did this pillow – with a caravan them.  Guess if I can’t have a caravan (he he Nils) then I’ll make one.

No seriously, I thought it would be cute.  I keep thinking about what pillow cushions I should make.  I will do some buntings too, but still want to focus on pillows first.  While I don’t only want to do nautical theme things like beach huts, crabs, lobsters, starfish, anchors, whales… I want to capture something that includes Norfolk-ish things too – so caravans, VW buses, etc. could be fun too!

It took me a bit longer than I hoped, but that is because I’m doing it at my dining room table, taking things out and in and setting up…  I really need to get my sewing area set up in the guest room as I think I could turn them out faster with things properly set up.  The off white fabric I used it a little thin too, so I think I’ll need to double it up until I get to Norwich for some better fabric.  And I need to find a place that carries the filler for the pillows.

Oh and I just have to add that it is funny that as I sewed it, the machine was talking to me – just like my breast pump used to do!

Later this afternoon, I decided to see if I could create a VW Camper Van Pillow Cushion.  I ran out of the green color thread, so I had to use pink.  It definitely doesn’t pop out as much, but it is what it is until I get a bit more spools of thread.  I think it’s cute – not sure if I want to add the VW logo in a circle in the middle or not.  I don’t think technically it’s allowed but perhaps a silver button – but could be fun or to find Silver VW Button.

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