BBQ with Pake & Beppe

After the Zoo, the kids & I headed over to Pake & Beppe’s house for a BBQ and some play in their garden.  Maebh fell asleep so she went with Pake & Nils to the grocery store and Soren stayed behind with Beppe and I.  First we walked around the garden looking at the lovely new flowers – which I added to my Oh Beautiful Flowers post, which continues to grow!

After about 10 minutes of walking around the garden, looking at the new lovely flowers, he told me he was bored as Maebh was not around to play wit him.  So we got an idea that he can put some lovely shells, which Beppe collected from Holkham Beach, into the stream.  It’s a nice running shallow stream which will look great with tons of little shells in it too.  So he spent some time in the stream with this wellies (loves this so much) watering of the plants but being extra careful not to toss out any of the tadpoles.  After a few tree climbs and some playing, a still tired Maebh was home to play!!

The kids spent time blowing bubbles and chasing them around trying to pop them.  Soren had an idea, to take the top of the salad spinner and use it as sort of a fan to keep the bubbles up in the air.  In theory it was great, but didn’t work as planned.

As it was a bit later than we planned so the sun was not in the courtyard section, so we set up an area out by the sheep in a cleared grassy patch.  Such a nice place to sit and admire the sun on the fields and take a few photos while we wait for the charcoal to heat up.

I took a little walk over to the sheep a couple of times to take some photos. They are funny little characters.  There is a saying, “people behave like sheep”, which means that the just believe and/or do whatever they are told blindly without critical thinking or research to be sure it’s good.  After watching them for a bit, the saying is correct.  Suddenly one sheep decides that I might have food so he heads toward me, suddenly a bunch follow.  Same thing with one from a distance started to run the other way, suddenly they all started running not going anywhere for a reason just because one did it, they followed.  Anyway, they are cute little creatures and I could stay there for a long time photographing them.  Only wished I had a better lens with me so I could get closer, because if I got too close, they moved away.

The meal was delicious – Vlees lollies which the kids loved, (what kid doesn’t like meat on a stick!) grilled veggies, a potato, pea & apple salad and a lovely garden salad, which included the lettuce which my friend Godelieve grew at her allotment and gave to me earlier that day.

And the last bit of fun for the day was a wheel barrow ride from Beppe.

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