Amazona Zoo, Cromer

Maebh and I have been to the Amazona Zoo in Cromer a few times since getting our season pass. But as Soren is in school full time, he has yet to join us and is often quite jealous (with some tears) when I tell him we were at the Zoo.  So with it being the May Half Term break, Soren was finally able to enjoy it too.  He was also  pretty psyched to be meeting up with Harvey – who luckily live right across the street from the zoo.

With it being a beautiful, sunny day & a Bank Holiday Monday, the zoo was much busier than normal, with probably two dozen cars in the lot.  To give you an idea there were about 30 people watching the Otters being fed, compared to times when it has been only five or six of us present.

The kids went around viewing the animals first.

Then we headed over to the playground for some climbing and snacks. Soren enjoyed all the climbing features, but to me it is not the best for the younger kids, but she’s a huge fan of the seesaw and could stay on it for a long time.

Soren thought the caimans were pretty neat and oddly, he said really liked the heat inside!  I had hoped they’d be feeding them today but turns out only on Monday & Wednesdays – so will try and go back so he can see them move while eating the baby chicks.

After, the kids & I headed back to the zoo to see the jaguar feed, but first the kids had an ice cream of their choice and both kids chose a Lion Bar. After the jaguar ate his bunny for dinner, we watched back up to the playground for a few more minutes.  There saw the zoo staff walking by with a large wheeler with buckets of food – so we stuck with them and watched some additional animals feed.  The Coatis, Prey Birds, Owls.  We even watched the Otters get fed again, but this time they had fish.

As expected, Soren thought Amazona Zoo was pretty cool and wants to go back again really soon!  Lucky to have this tiny, local zoo so close to our house!

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