North Norfolk Country Fair: Weybourne

We had planned on taking the kids to the RNLI Lifeboat in Cromer for an open house morning where we could actually board the vessel, but changed our minds without opposition from the kids.  The fact that we live in Cromer, and they hold open houses a couple times a year, as well as, have practice sessions every Sunday morning, we could do it another time.  One time we might be lucky enough to be in or near when they launch.  Here is a video of what it would be like – pretty cool!

Instead we took advantage of the lovely weather during the Bank Holiday weekend and headed to the North Norfolk Country Fair in Weybourne, just opposite the Wind Mill.  We headed over and met up with our friends, who cycled over from Cromer.  It was so cute when Maebh and her friend met up, he gave her a sweet hug. Soren approved and thought it was funny too.


We read on their site that there would be some carnival type rides, arts & craft stalls, a car boot section, falconry show and cars.   We could have brought a bit more money and enjoy the beer tent and perhaps a taste of the hog roast. Then again it saved me many unnecessary calories.

Lovely pillow.


Wood carved owls.

When we arrived, we walked around the classic cars on display. Some were neat like the Jaguar Mark II & the Triumph Stag but others like the Ford Escort XR3 and the one-of-a-kind Russian kit car the Mirov 2 were not, though Soren thought it was cool.




They had a large demonstration section which was considered the “arena” for a few events.  The first event we saw was a Chinese dancing lion and a few martial arts demonstrations performed by Hung Sin Martial Arts School from Norwich.

There was a Normandy landings re-enactment by the Real Allied History Group.  We didn’t see the actual re-enactment show, but we did walk around a bit and view the set up.  It was nice as this weekend is Memorial Day weekend – remembering the men & women who did while serving in the US Military Forces.  Also it’s the start of the “summer vacation season” which ends on Labor Day in early September. Both kids recognized the American flag when we arrived.



CJ’s Birds of Prey was on display, which was really cool.  Like most Falconry shows, they have each bird on a chain on display in an area, which you can view and ask questions – but no touching.  They then have a show where they bring one in at a time to discuss its uniqueness – mostly for their speed.  She had this amazingly beautiful eagle who took off for a good 10 minutes and finally her father was able to retrieve him from the far back corner and bring him back. Each bird has a tracker so if it did “escape” they could locate it. She was very informative and the birds were really neat.

The best way to see things is to create a papa Totem Pole

The kids were really interested in the rides and they chose the bounce house/slide first.  Climbing up the steps on the slide part was a bit difficult for Maebh, as a bunch of 7+ year old kids also were there too had no regard for the small ones.  Therefore, she spent her entire time in the bounce house portion – often alone.  Soren was able to do both and they both loved it – too bad it was only a whopping FIVE minutes.

Soren giving Maebh a hand up.

The kids asked to take another ride.  Maebh chose a tank for some reason Soren chose the flying swings.

I am normally afraid of most dogs, especially the bigger ones, but I must say the gun dog scurry and timed competition was a lot of fun to watch.  Some of the dogs were actually pretty cute.   A couple were great, ran and got the thing and went to the owner.  Others ran right by it and outside the fenced in area. We often joke if we could “borrow a dog” to play catch with at the beach, these would be this retriever type of dog.  In reality, I don’t want a dog.  They are a huge responsibility, need training, etc. so for now no pets.

A cute photo of the little two up on their dad’s shoulders towering above the crowd.

I took a peek around the car boot section and only picked up a container of Spiderman bubbles for 30 p.   When I was heading back to the arena area, I saw Maebh in the middle of the field alone – so I rushed in to see what they were doing. Turns out, the kids were allowed to participate in the Ferret racing event and were given the green tube.

The plan was that the guy would put the four racing ferret in the end boxes.  When the whistle blew, they would open the hatch and then race their ferret against the other three by banging the pipes.  It was really funny as their ferret didn’t want to do the race. perhaps it was afraid of all the banging and fingers being put in the net.  While they didn’t win the race, they had fun and had some laughs.


It was overall a lovely day and we had perfect weather!

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