National Trust: Blickling Picnic, Sheringham Park & West Runton Beach

After we left “The Late On Carboot Sale – Alysham“, we headed to the grocery store nearby to pick up some lunch and then off to have a picnic.  We picked up some sandwiches, smoked salmon, rolls & the kids got a big treat – some strawberry milk – which they call “Pink Milk from Charlie & Lola”!  They loved it.  The package says no added blah blah but to me it’s yucky!

As we were very close to Blickling Estate, and as we now have a National Trust car park sticker, we headed over there. We didn’t actually enter the gardens as there was a Crafy Fayre going on during the Bank Holiday Weekend.  It was very busy – plus they charged a hefty admission to enter – which to us was not a good idea as Maebh was tired and needed a nap so it would be a real waste.  Before you enter the property there are some restrooms and picnic tables, so we ate our lunch and headed off.

We’ll come back to fully enjoy the estate and gardens another time. Plus The Buckinghamshire Arms is supposed to be a nice pub & small B&B!  In fact, it was recently up for rent – but nothing for us at this stage… though managing a pub and small B&B would be a great thing in the future!!   UPDATE:  Just read on their site that they are closed due to a “serious technical issue in the kitchen” – perhaps a fire?

Thankfully we didn’t enter and walk around, as Maebh feel asleep within minutes once back in the car.  So with a sleeping Maebh, we drove East as we thought we’d stop over at the playground near Mundsley beach… but when we got there, we didn’t actually see a playground, so we just drove up the coast towards our house and ended up at Overstrand playground.   Soren & Nils got out and played around for about 20 minutes, as Maebh was still asleep, I took advantage of the quite and rested too.

We had planned on going home, but as Maebh was still sleeping, we drove over to Sheringham Park to let the kids run around.   The first thing Soren wanted to do was fill up his squirt gun which Mark gave him at the car boot sale.  As you can imagine, ONE super duper, new water gun with two kids doesn’t go over well, as the other one wants a “go” too!  So both took turns squirting trees, signs and sometimes each other or Papa.

In the Bower section of the park, the kids first went over to the little pond, which had 200,000 plus tadpoles… I just couldn’t believe how many were there.  I can only imagine when all these turn into frogs – they will be like one large, slimy coating of frogs everywhere.  Could be fun to see!

The kids played in the wooded area first climbing on the 38 stumps and mushrooms.

Then they played with the stick art and came up with two “tents” one for the girls and one for the boys.  Funny at such an early age, they do this dividing thing.  Must be something Soren learned at school.

As they were having a lot of fun with these stick & stone art things – I escaped for a short walk to see the rhododendrons & other beautiful flowers.  They were so pretty, so many colors and smells.  I must come back soon to enjoy it again before they are gone.

I would have gone further, but my right thigh/hip hurts so much. Not sure what it is but I have a limp and feel like this should be happening to a 68 year old person not an almost 39 year old person!!  I’m going to make an appointment to see the Dr. as I think I might have trochanteric bursitus?  It’s so strange and really only happens when I walk or try to cross my leg.  When I sit on the couch or a chair, I have no pain. I was once told by a Physical Therapist (who was helping when my knee pain, which thankfully is pretty much gone) that I might have two different length legs!  I know that sounds crazy and they are not a huge difference, but this could be the cause.  Not sure there is a treatment other than no running or major walking, ice and anti-inflammatory medication.

Once the kids had their fill of stick art & nature, we started back towards home, but stopped over at West Runton Beach, home of the “West Runton Elephant” to see what it was like.  It’s a really nice beach for rock pool rummaging but not a really good swimming beach.   When we arrived, there were tons of families with little ones using shrimp nets to catch marine life.  It was literally a matter of minutes from when the waves start towards us, until we had to really rush out of there before we were trapped in the ocean.   We’ll definitely come back here with the kids but only during low tide!!

We then headed home after a nice family day out.  Soren then had a little extra special treat in that he got to watch the Championship League final between Bayern Munchen vs Dortmund – two German teams.  He was up really late watching it, asking tons of questions and learning as much as he could about the match.

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