DIY – Play Kitchen

I resurrected this post and made some update – as I’m now going to make this one of my next “big projects”! Space for it is no longer a problem!  Here is a photo of Maebh’s past cute, small kitchen.

Maebh has a natural attraction to play kitchens whenever we are at play spaces with them or friends’ homes. I really dislike the large, plastic cheap ones, which are not cheap in price! In fact, they can retail for $100-$300 bucks but would rather have a nice wood one.  Some of the wooden ones I have found are not cute either.  Sure there are the super expensive ones from Pottery Barn or Land of Nod which will run several hundred dollars PER PIECE – so that is out!

I want to make my own from an old entertainment center, or old nightstand, etc.  Based on some searches on and auction items, I think I should find an old “television stand” or old entertainment center thing which has one side with a swing door, which would be the fridge and the other side will be the stove/sink combo.

Here are some photos of my “inspirations”.  The first one is my FAVORITE with instructions.

My favorite one!
This is the BEFORE piece of my favorite kitchen!

ORIGINAL piece will look something like this. I’ll keep looking until I find one for FREE or less than 10.  
The left side would be the oven/sink combo and I’d remove the glass on the doors and make that the double door fridge. 
Same deal, the part where the TV is now, would be the sink/stove and the shelf side would be the fridge. 

UPDATE: May 28 – I just found this nice piece on but it’s in Thetford – about 1/2 hour from Kings Lynn area and a little too expensive at 30.  So way too far and too much for this project, but I’d like to find something like this one only closer to Cromer.
Left side would be the stove with the fridge under it and the top right would be the sink part.

This lovely piece is on for 9.99 but it is up for the next 4 days.  I contacted the seller in Wells-Next-The-Sea to find out the buy now price – as it’s perfect, but I expect she’ll want too much for it, as she is selling it as “Shabby Chic” whereas I’ll paint it and cut holes in it and remove the glass!

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