The Late One Car Boot – Alysham – Take II

This morning, we headed down to Alysham to attend “The Late One Car Boot Sale”.  The kids and I had been there one time when Nils was in Boston, but this time, he agreed to join us.

I think it was great that he got to experience it once, but I don’t see him rushing back any time soon and I am 100% sure he’d NEVER agree to actually sell items there.  We saw a friend who was selling records & other stuff there and will be in Beeston on Sunday – ooohh tempting!

I picked up a few things today – so to me it was a successful car boot adventure.  But I’m still not able to get the guts up to barter – I really have to figure it out. For example there was a revolving globe, like the one in the photo below, which I really wanted to get for the kids. It would be great for learning countries, capitals – well about the world really but it was 5 pounds. No way was I going to spend that for it – but I probably could have talked him down to 3, instead I walked away without trying once he said the price and his demeanor.

The only one thing I was really hoping to find was a pair of wellies for Meabh.  The Ladybug pair, which was given to us by a friend as her daughter outgrew them, had a hold in the toe – which explained why all the water was getting in!  After going up and down the aisles, looking at all the junk  stuff, I spotted a table with quite a few pairs.  There was only this one pair her size and they were these cute, pink Peter Storm ones for only 2 pounds.  I think they are very cute with a bit of a square toe and a sturdy, rugged bottom.  Will be perfect on the rocky beaches.  We saw a few pairs of boy ones like Noddle and space ships, but they were a really small size, so it wouldn’t fit any little boys we know.

This strudy, stainless steel sauce pan with a glass lid – a pound. Perfect for frothing my milk in the morning/

I then got this toaster & iron for Maebh for 50 pence each – perfect for her to pretend play.  When we got home, I made her some “bread” out of cardboard.

I also picked up a couple pieces of stripped fabric for my sewing project.

I had to stop over at one of the food trucks to pick up a snack as Soren was “sooo starving”.  It was full of bad stuff like sausage rolls & hot dogs, but he chose the donuts – they were sooo good, yet so bad.

So while I got some good things for cheap, I didn’t spend that much time going to every single table and really looking, as I probably would have gotten a few more deals. These things are probably best when I’m alone without kids, as Maebh was nearly trampled on by a few on a mission for a bargain.

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