Experience School Lunch at GVS

This week, Soren’s school offered parents a chance to come in and experience lunch with their children and see what types of foods they eat when they get a “hot lunch” from NORSE program at school.  While you had the choice to attend every day, I only chose to do one day, today, Friday.  Nils was working at home today, so I took advantage of this and headed over to GSV for the hour.   

He had told me earlier in the week that Felicity’s mum, (who coincidentally works at the school) ate lunch with her and then yesterday told me again that Fergus’ mum came too.  All along, I had planned to come in on Friday, Fish & Chip day, but kept it a surprise from him.   

I arrived today at noon and sure enough, surprised him!  He took me step-by-step through the motions – going to the cafeteria to finish up.  The kids are fed in stages with the youngest first – this allows each of them a place to eat and then the next group came in.  If you had a packed lunch, you could go in and find a seat but today as the majority (including us) was having hot, so we had to wait outside for about 5 minutes or so until the queue cleared.  I was actually impressed with the trust they have in the little ones.  I mean, our kids eat off glass plates with both a knife & a fork, but they trust these kids 4 & 5 to go to the counter, take hot food on a glass plate, then apply salt and vinegar (if they wish) and then grab their pudding (dessert) and then find their chairs, where they’ll find a knife & a forlk.   I asked Soren if at times do kids trip or drop all their food on the floor – which he replied, “Yes, sometimes!”  Oh I bet they do!!

After they eat their main dish, they raise their hands and then, Ms. Cooper one of the lunch ladies, comes along and removes their plates and utensils.  They are then allowed to eat their pudding or fruit (dessert) and then when done, they again, raise their hands to have their plates removed and told if they are to put a house point in the jar.  There are four  “houses”  – beeches, oaks, chestnuts and pines. Kids have to earn house points thought they day.  At the end of each term, they are counted and the “house” with the most points gets a party.  Last term, beeches won and they had a party with sausages in a bun at a bonfire in forest schools!! 

After they are dismissed from the lunch room, they go back to the main school. change their shoes (into boots, if they want to go on the grass) and head out to the playground for some fun, even in the rain! (Yuck!).  If it’s really raining, like today, they have a choice to come inside and play.  Most kids came in, but they were muddy and soaking wet – guess it’s an English thing, we’ll have to get used to – but not without a fight! 🙂

Anyway, it was great to see how they do it .. and I know he enjoyed me joining him on his “turf” and share this with him.  Oh & I have to remember to include the ‘lunch ladies’ in any thank you gifts we give to his teachers at the end of the year. 

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