National Trust: Acorns – It’s A Shore Thing at Sheringham Beach

Today Maebh and I, along with a friends Godelieve & Harvey attended an organized activity at Sheringham Beach – It’s A Shore Thing – put on by the Acorns Toddler Group from Sheringham Park – National Trust.  It’s basically an outdoor learning group for kids ages 2-4 which meets twice a month from 10:30 – 12:15 normally in the Bower Section of Sheringham Park.  They do a story, trail, song, poem, etc all which have to do with the “theme”.  Rob the Ranger & a few of the organizers, were the same as those who organized the Animal Tracking adventure Soren & I attended back in February Half Term.

When we arrived, it turns out that Maebh & I knew three other mums and their kids.  But the funniest part of it was that the mum & son, which I met in Overstrand playground a long while ago and gave my # and email – which never called by the way, was there.  I think once she recognized me and Maebh, she probably thought oh no and wondered if I was going to say something.  Clearly, her loss!

We met at the archway of the Esplande on the West end of Sheringham Seafront then walked down to the beach near the RNLI station is towards Weybourne.  We’ve never been down this part before.  There was a beach cafe, restrooms and some cute beach huts which were a Victorian style vs the traditional colorful wooden ones.  I saw a paid parking lot nearby and loads of street parking – perhaps a visit here with the kids if it ever when it warms up. Would be even cooler to see the RNLI launch too.

Today’s event started with a trail – first walk along the beach following the arrows (and stones) to an outline which was then to be filled in with similar color stones and made a really cool pattern of Carl Crab.  It was really neat to do this – I never thought of it, but the kids can do this when they go to the beach next.  It could be very fun to see what they’d like to create.

We were given a box and a sheet to go off on a hunt to find sea life We were to find things that were cold,  shiny, etc.  Harvey & Godelieve found a sucker fish along the seaweed on the wall and a hermit crab inside a shell.  To us the fish was clearly dead, but Harvey kept trying to put it back in the water vs. keeping it.

Other kids & their mums found various types of seaweed, tiny crabs under the stones and other life forms like sea worms & dead fish, etc. What I really like is that the lead ranger, Rob, is very knowledgeable and shared info about each of the creatures, rocks, seaweed types, etc.

One of the organizers put stones which had holes in them though a plastic rope, so Maebh found a few to add to her collection.  It was a neat idea and would keep the kids busy at the beach.  In fact, we found some pieces of drift wood and some odd wax thing which I took – although you are technically not allowed to take these things from the beach, though many do.

They served a snack – hot tea (which was very welcomed in the cold wind) for mums and milk/water for kids and a biscuit, followed by a story and some songs – all relating today’s theme.   Maebh did some playing on her own too with drawing in the sand but complained when her hands were wet, sandy & cold a few times.

Many of the other kids had these little water proof suits on, like Harvey below, which are a bit like a snow suit but not padded and kept them from getting soaking wet.  We are going  to get something like that for the kids.  As I have a feeling going to the beach in the summer is not like ones back home, so we should do whatever makes it more enjoyable if chilly.

There was a beam on the beach, so she did a lot of balancing and walking back and forth on it.

Overall it was a fun time at the beach but would have been even better if it were warmer, given the fact that it’s late MAY!!  We’re going to sign up for the next one which is mid-June called Mice are Nice, we’ll bring a picnic and enjoy the park a bit more before heading to pick up Soren at school.  The only problem is that the cost of parking at the Sheringham Park for non-National Trust members is like 5 pounds each time, on top of the cost of the event 4 pounds!  But I have something in the works, so this might not be an issue!

Another reason why she loved it today was that her two favorite friends (H & I) were there!!  I just showed her the photos in this post and her reply, “That is Harvey and his mom Godelieve. I like him!”  It is obvious! 🙂

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