Sheringham, Crab & Lobster Festival

Yesterday we attended the Crab & Lobster Festival in Cromer and today was the Sheringham portion of the festival.  While both seaside towns, they are distinctly different with Sheringham being the smaller, quainter of the two with one main shopping street.  This is the town I really really wanted to live – but I will say Cromer, while larger is growing on me.

The events today were situated on the seafront area of Wyndham and Main Streets.  The larger key events like cooking demonstrations from the celebrity chef, Alex MacKey, and other local restaurant chefs, crab dressing demo, face painting and children’s events carried over.  There were some new stalls present too.   But the biggest thing for our family here in Sheringham today, was the band Yow Yows were playing at The Lobster.  We have been wanting to see them for the longest time.  Around Christmas time they were playing at the Hunnybell but we didn’t get there.   Another thing at the Sheringham portion of the event were the famous dancers –  local Morris Dancers but some from Northern England too.





Like yesterday, our kids started off getting their faces painted.  Soren chose a leopard and Maebh asked to be Hello Kitty.





After their faces were painted, we walked around a bit and the kids had a kinder egg treat and took their photos in some of the large wooden cutouts around town.


They watched the puppet show again but Soren was in near tears after about 5 minutes, as he had already seen it yesterday and told me it was boring as they repeated the same jokes!!



As we have never been past the beach huts, we walked to the end.  We stopped off at the beach,
so the kids could toss rocks into the sea.  As we were there, we say a guy get all bundled up and headed into the ocean.  We assume he was practicing for the upcoming triathlon but the seas were so rough.   It was there when we remembered we forgot to put the parking permit on the dash, so Nils & Maebh headed back quickly to do that.. thankfully no ticket.












We were starving so we headed up towards the station to get some food at Zahra’s.  I had lamb kabab, the kids a chicken kabab and Nils a donner kabab and ate it on a bench near the train station.   Nils & I both grabbed a beer at the local store and the kids split an Orange Crush – as a HUGE treat.  I didn’t want to be a party pooper but they loved it but will not be getting it again any time soon! We had been told about this place from some friends and so happy we tried it as it was SOOO yummy!  As I type this, I would love nothing more than it right now!!







After our yummy lunch, we headed over to the car to grab Maebh’s stroller.  This way, I could walk her around and was nearly certain, she’d fall asleep.  The four of us headed to The Lobster to see if we could grab some seats to see the Yow Yows. We saw a couple sitting at a large picnic table alone with some room, so I asked if we could join them.  They were very nice, from Leeds and down for the long weekend in their caravan in Cromer.  Nils & Soren stayed there, while I took Maebh for a walk to see if I could get her to sleep.  Sure enough, about 10 minutes into the walk, she was alseep and we rejoined the boys at the pub.  Even through the loud music, she napped for a good 45 minutes or so.  I think she woke up as she was trying to get comfortable as this stroller doesn’t recline.  We had a couple of beers, Maebh danced with a little girl up front and our friends with their kids came and joined us for a bit before heading out for their dinner.   In the end, we got to meet the band and the lead singer gave the kids t-shirts.  It was really fun and we’re going to see them again when they play in June.












On the way to the car, we let the kids play for a few minutes in the funfair, which is owned by the grandfather of Soren’s friend.



All in all, the kids had a great time both days of the festival.  Looking forward to other upcoming events around Sheringham, Cromer & the entire North Norfolk Coast.

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