Update: Beehind the Seam

My MIL let me borrow her Toyota RS2000 sewing machine and after some tutorials, I’m feeling confident and look forward to seeing what I can do with Beehind The Seam.

As I posted before, I had planned on simply buying pre-made cushions from Ikea or B&Q for about 3-7 pounds each, and then iron on/sew appliques and other creative items to the front, but after thinking about how I’m going to maneuver the pillow case around the machine, it proved to be too much.

After some back and forth and idea swapping, she helped me with my first “test pillow” and yep, this is the way I’m going to do it.  We played with the stitch size, pattern, etc. and I think they’ll look very clean and professional.

I will now spend time making tons of different pillow fronts with various colors and patterns and easily be able to stitch the edges. Then the backsides will essentially be envelope-style back. (may be the same fabric, or I can mix it up and make it solid, or stripes, etc).  Either way, this way will be more cost efficient, and with some practice, I’ll be able to bang them out rather quickly and will allow more customization.

Now I just have to find some good fabric places.  I got some tips from some local ladies who are very crafty.  Never thought I’d say it but I so wish there was a Joanne Fabrics near me.  You can get great remnants for a dollar!!

Front where applique will be.
Back of pillow – very professional, right?!
Here is how you insert your pillow pad – or for an extra cost, I’ll include it.

Stay tuned for some new stuff coming this way soon!

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