DIY – Butterfly Pillow

Today the kids and I are going to a birthday party for Libby, a girl in Soren’s class.  She turned 5 in March, but for whatever reason, the party is in May.   The theme is “Ugly Bugs & Beautiful Butterflies”.  Maebh is going to be a Butterfly with her fluffy pink wings, which she is already wearing but Soren is going to be Batman!



So I was thinking of things we could get her and instead of a toy which she’ll play with for a bit then either break, pass along or just not play with it, I thought I’d maker her a pillow.  I think a five-year-old would like a pretty butterfly pillow with her name on it.

I had to use the existing fabrics in the house, as I started this at 7 am this morning – so I used an old plaid shirt of Maebh’s which she outgrew and had a stain on the corner so I was going to toss.  Then I added some of the paisley fabric which I used before.  Clearly, I need to get some new fabric asap!

I hand sewed it [machine will look better] and added some buttons for accents.

While not the best in the world, I thought it was cute and I hope she likes it! Update: She really iked it.

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