Cromer Pier Crabbing with friends

This morning we headed over to the Cromer Pier for our try at crabbing with the group for a couple hours.  It was a little slow at first with yesterday’s bacon, but once we bought and put on some new bacon, we ended up catching THREE crabs of our own.  Then a nearby fisherman donated two to us!  Soren was the only one willing to reach his hand in the water to hold up the crab and even got a little pinch.

It was a lot of fun – and we’ll definitely do it again.  But I just wish they would put up wire mesh fencing along the entire edge, as it’s really high and with little ones, I’m always afraid one will go over the edge.




On the way out, we stopped at the rides on the promenade.  They were a little run down and the baby in the booth was very sad but the kids did have fun!  The three boys rode the Helter Skelter a couple times and then they all took a ride on the double-decker bus before heading home.  

Note baby in the window!!


And keeping with the crabbing theme, Jana quickly popped up the hill and picked up a four dressed Cromer Crabs to eat back home.   As Nils is not a fan, Soren ate his crab!  I think both Jana & Phillip agreed, the white part is the best and the delicacy of the darker portion has a very strong taste and not their favorite part.

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