Cromer Visit with Jana, Phillip, Tobias & Stefan

Our friends from The Netherlands, who have children the same age as our kids (3 & 5) came for a long weekend visit.  So for their first day, we stayed local and took a long walk along up along the golf course to the Lighthouse and then down along the beach into Cromer.

After some stops to find a replacement pair of pants for Stefan (as his were wet from the sea) we stopped for a couple beers and some chips with garlic mayo on the deck at The Rocket Cafe.  Oh and Soren enjoyed a cake – Victoria Sponge.

A short visit to the Henry Blogg Museum downstairs….


Afterwards, we walked over to the Cromer Pier to see the Lifeboat.  While there, the boys were in heaven with the cement mixer and workers who were doing some repairs.  It was really cute too when Stefen was on the ground looking through the cracks at the water.

As we walked home, we stopped off for some Zipline fun.  The boys were having a lot of fun and for the first time, Maebh tried it too.  Of course, she had a slow ride but like the rock climbing wall, she’s been trying new things.

What a great time with our friends… the boys are such good pals, even though there is limited conversation due to languages  – they speak Dutch and Czech and ours only English with a little understanding of Dutch).

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