Cliff Walk to Overstrand

With Nils back from the US, we are resuming our daily walks.  Today we headed out along the cliffs towards Overstrand (1.21 miles each direction).  
Like we always do, the kids have to first get their fill of the helicopter pad.  Then as we walk alongside the golf course, the kids carefully looked for any stray balls, but no luck today.

We popped into the playground for a bit, chased a bunny, then had a drink at The White Horse where they played in their back play area and where Maebh successfully learned to climb up the rock climbing wall, which she did 30 times.

The kids like being able to run around the two playgrounds and well, I like the exercise of the long walk. Soren continues to impress with his ability to do these long walks.  Maebh spends a bit of time on Nils’ shoulders as her little legs get tired easily.

On the walk home, the kids stopped in the telephone booth aka piggy bank and pretended to talk with someone, but it turns out I think they were talking with an operator.


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