Thursday: Fakenham Auction Time

One mans junk is another mans treasure!

Well it’s nearly time again for this week’s auction.  I have posted before about a really great Auction in Fakenham (about 30 minutes from Cromer).   I won’t be going this week either, but after looking at their site, there are few things I’d happily bid a few pounds on as I’d like them.  Trouble is getting them home!

This is the place which I scored a deal on some items. I scored my dining table for a POUND,

A gate leg hall table for a POUND and a Stompa kids cabin bed for FIVE POUNDS.

An exercise machine – shared with my MIL as we were just talking about an at home fitness item.

Kids seesaw thing & water table – both better for younger kids but for a POUND, I’d take them for the yard.

We already have couches but I thought these two leather sofas are in great shape.  We wouldn’t buy them if we came there, but a great score.

Large mirror for either the living room or dining room’s fireplace.  I’d paint the trim.

Just what we need, an outdoor table & chairs with umbrella.  This item is what I’d bid on most.  I’d probably go up to 40 on this item.  I suspect it will be very popular.

A large, pine wardrobe for Soren or Maebh’s room.

Outside pots for the garden.

I’d love to have this hutch to put in corner of the dining room.  I’d give it a new color paint, not sure which color and some knobs, but it’s very cute.  I’d go up to 20 on this one.

Old fashion sewing table – would use for a hall table, but I suspect that will go for a decent price.

Four director chairs – could be good for the garden

Going to this auction can be a bit addicting, I admit.  I think I might get this way with the car boot sales on the weekends.  It’s fun to score a deal.

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